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Innovation for Change – East Asia (I4C-EA) is a network of groups and individuals aiming to contribute to the building of a stronger East Asian civil society and a region respectful of human rights, freedoms, and democracy.

WATCH 'Where Small Victories Matter': Stories from I4C-East Asia's Civic Innovation Fair 2019

Our Civic Innovation Fair 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand was a coming together of I4C-East Asia community members from 11 countries, and it was a celebration of our civil society initiatives in the region thus far.

In our current state of uncertainty amidst the challenges posed by the global COVID-19 pandemic, which cuts through race, regions, status, sectors, and beliefs, we proudly share with you a glimpse into our CIF2019 celebrations of solidarity and commitment to keep on doing all that we can, in ways we can, where we can, whenever we can. May you be inspired to pursue and celebrate your own small victories.


WATCH I4C-East Asia's COVID Conversations 3 "Cover-Ups and Gags: Can't We Handle the Truth?"

In 2020, I4C-East Asia, in locating the needs borne by the pandemic, hosted 'Hope in the Time of Corona: COVID Conversations/ series that brought together individuals, civil society representatives, and human rights defenders in and beyond the region to talk about both challenges and opportunities, as well as to reimagine what we thought about a new post-COVID-19 world.

The third in our series of COVID Conversations ("Cover-Ups and Gags: Can't We Handle the Truth?") focused on the nexus that binds disinformation, public health, and human rights. Equally emphasized throughout the conversation was civil society's pushback against cover-ups and gags - how individuals and organizations have come together to demand transparency and accountability, represent the marginalized, ensure voices are heard and listened to, and continue to advocate for rights and civil liberties amidst this global health crisis we face.

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