The Isnag of Kabugao and Karminn C.D. Daytec Yañgot, with the assistance of JP Reginaldo
An adodit of resistance, resurgence, and reparation: the struggle for self-determination by the indigenous Isnag of Kabugao, located in the northern Philippines.

Covid-19 Stories From The Margins

“In the spring of 2021, a year after COVID-19 pandemic first hit the world, Innovation for Change – East Asia gathered six storytellers from marginalized communities all over Asia to train and support them in creating stories documenting the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their communities. Among the storytellers were COVID-19 survivors; many storytellers had also spent the past year caring for family and community members deeply affected by the pandemic, and were well-versed on the challenges faced by their communities.” — Rona Luo, process historian for the project

The COVID-19 pandemic had placed a spotlight on the inequalities across the world. Marginalized groups were among the worst affected by the pandemic as extended lockdowns and disruptions further aggravated their lack of access to basic needs and services. They are also often blamed for the spread of the virus and have little means to defend themselves. Moreover, as many businesses and governments pivoted to digital or online-based services, unbanked communities and those living in areas with little-to-no connectivity suddenly had no access to goods and services. Despite this, communities adapted. Where there have been stories of struggle and sacrifice, there are also stories of hope and resilience.

— July 2021