a creature with no spine / ฉัน, แมลง แห่งความสิ้นหวัง

a comic on a heart broken and mended. explores the changing political landscape of thailand through questions on nonviolence, self-compassion and reconciliation between generations. equal parts fiction and non-fiction.
namsai khaobor / น้ำใส ข้าวบ่อ

From the curator:

In this tender and healing comic about a heart broken and mended, Namsai explores questions of nonviolence, self-compassion, and reconciliation between generations. Amidst the changing political landscape of Thailand, she struggles to understand her mother’s shift in perspective. How do we find hope in despair? How do we galvanise our anger into understanding and compassion? What happens when we look into our own hearts, and reach out to one another?

From the storyteller:

this comic originated from my memory of an argument i had with my mother during a period of intense political unrest in thailand in 2021. the most important purpose for me is to be as open and intimate as possible so that when my story reaches others, it could resonate and be a source of solace for people who are going through similar situations.

as i tell my stories—my experiences and how i have been dealing with these sufferings—i hope that there’d also be glimpses of how i practise compassion for myself, others, the state of the world, and also how i contemplate nonviolence as a path to peace in the world.

it’s not my intention to introduce or explain any theory or philosophy, so i prefer the term “to share.” and through sharing with sincerity, i hope the audience would open their hearts and hope that space in their hearts would help create a more kind and hopeful outlook of the state of our society.

this comic is a result of my collaborating with friends and mentors in my spiritual community. the community comes together to practise mindful living and aims to bring happiness and compassion to modern society for inner and world peace.

I can listen to you and hold you, too.
Because injustice is like rainfall. It keeps happening naturally, incessantly.
Work In Progress


Wake Up International – a community of young mindfulness practitioners:


Written and illustrated by Namsai Khaobor

Community partner
Tippawan Yarungfhan

Charis Loke

Vimvipa Suksomsap


namsai is an illustrator based in chiangmai, thailand. She draws a lot, makes comics when she’s emotional and animates sometimes. She is also a buddhist practitioner and a lover of all things poetic. Find her in the garden or at https://namsai-k.carbonmade.com, @namsai_k (instagram), and @namsai__k (twitter).


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