Monday without a wheelchair: a story of caretakers in Taiwan

Minsik Jung

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Taiwan International Workers Association (TIWA):


Story inspired by Gayra Mara Che
Choreography and dance by Stella 江玲
English translation by Lee Phil, Naomi Goddard
Chinese translation by Jo Minji, Stella 江玲, Huitheng Khoo
Tagalog translation by Kim Seungyong, Yvonne Zamora, Nineta Penida


TIWA台灣國際勞工協會, Tapsilogan Sa Chungshan, Hu Chongxian 胡崇賢, Liezl, Lorna, Luisa T. Sulit, Carolyn Romin, Katherine, Anywhere Slowstep, Donghoon Seo


Minsik Jung is a South Korean writer and photographer interested in social issues, culture, and diaspora stories. In 2020, Minsik won the Oh Janghwan Literary Award for his poetry, with his writing being recognised for highlighting various injustices. His work often captures the delicacy of life and, whether it is nature or the human form, he portrays incidental, quiet and fleeting moments that catch his eye. Minsik is currently based in Taipei, where he combines creative mediums to create visual and poetic content that share stories from South East Asian migrant workers on the hardships they face in Taiwan.


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