Slow Down and Look at the Stars: A Zine of Hope, Joy, and Mundanity

Farid Nad and the SDLS Zine Team

Slow Down and Look at the Stars is a project about hope, joy and mundanity in the lives of queer and disabled folk in Malaysia. In a country where these groups face bigotry and barriers to access resources, Farid and the Velorum Collective remind us that creating spaces for joy is a crucial form of resistance. This newfound community gathered online to produce a 26-page zine in English and Bahasa Malaysia, combining comics, poetry, prose, illustration, and collage.

Zines have been and will continue to be an accessible medium for people in the margins to share ideas and connect with one another. Armed with nothing more than paper and a message, one could make a zine that can be produced and distributed at minimal cost beyond centralised platforms and approved channels. Through Libraries of Resistance funding, the collective ran the first of many zine-making workshops to come, reaching out particularly to young marginalised people.

Our people deserve hope, joy, and mundanity in a world that would deny them to us.
Komuniti kami berhak untuk mengalami harapan, kebahagiaan dan kebiasaan bahkan dalam dunia yang menganggap sebaliknya.


Project Lead
Farid Nad

Zine Collaborators
Zulkifli Ziyad
Allyson Tan
Umar Sharif
Danni S.

Comic Colourist

Comic Letterer
Row Yow

Bahasa Melayu Translator

Graphic Designer

An avid fan of cardboard and computers, Farid Nad is a queer disabled full-time freelance narrative designer and illustrator from sleepy Johor, Malaysia. When he’s not drifting in his wheelchair trying to outwheel capitalism, you’ll find him hyping up his fellow creative peers in communities big or small. You can find out more about him at


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