CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Asia Pacific People’s Summit Logistics Coordinator

Innovation for Change – East Asia (I4C-EA) is looking for a short-term consultant to serve as Logistics Coordinator of the Asia-Pacific People’s Summit on China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) happening in January 2022.

The Asia-Pacific People’s Summit on China’s BRI will be a space to bring together the voices of Asian communities on the impacts of Chinese investments on their environment, livelihoods, and the commons.

The Summit Logistics Coordinator will receive USD 12,250 for services rendered.

The Summit Logistics Coordinator is expected to:
*Manage the logistics of the Summit, including supervising the documentation and co-design process
*Identify and implement key programming requirements for the Summit
*Coordinate the planning and execution of event logistics for the Summit
*Work with Summit Country Coordinators and manage logistics for five participant countries
*Work closely with I4C-EA project leads and perform other tasks that arise in relation to the project including, but not limited to, attendance in meetings pre- and post-Summit (e.g., pre-Summit planning meetings, Summit debrief, etc.)
*Submit an end-of-project assessment report

Asian peoples, communities, and the commons have been increasingly on the receiving end of adverse impacts due to the dramatic increase in Chinese investments in Asian countries. China’s programmatic outward movement to the Asia Pacific region and the rest of the world is governed by the framework that is China’s Belt & Road Initiative (BRI). It is China’s global development strategy launched in Kazakhstan and Indonesia in 2013, with infrastructure development and investment, cultural exchange, and technology development as its primary drivers. The BRI aims to build global connectivity, and targets land and maritime resources in 152 countries in 5 continents (Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas). Eight years hence, the BRI’s promise of progress and development is in stark contrast to the realities that are happening on the ground. Affected communities are not networked to respond collectively to the BRI.

Towards creating the space for knowledge and experience exchange, as well as collective action planning for the future, an online and in-person four-day Asia-Pacific People’s Summit on China’s Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) will be organized by the Innovation for Change (I4C) Asia and Pacific regional hubs, bringing together 50 participants from affected communities; political, social movement, and digital rights activists; environmental journalists; local researchers; and CSOs. The Peoples’ Summit will be hybrid with an online and in-person component. There will be five country caucuses where five participants from local and rural communities will attend the online sessions together. The five countries include Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand.

Interested applicants must have proven experience in logistics coordination of regional or international meetings particularly in human rights and democracy related fields, and are requested to submit their respective expressions of interest (EoI) and curriculum vitae (CV) by 24 November 2021, Wednesday, 6:00 PM Bangkok via…/1FAIpQLSf0iHnFCaut7r…/viewform. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

Innovation for Change is a citizen-driven approach to problem solving, focused on supporting new and established approaches to promote, strengthen, and connect a vibrant, pluralistic, and rights-based civil society in open, closing, and closed spaces. As a global network, Innovation for Change looks to transform civil society impact, scale citizen action, and create the opportunity for a new generation of civic action to take shape through collaboration, leverage, and learning. I4C-East Asia is one of seven regional hubs worldwide, spearheaded at the global level by CIVICUS Alliance, and is currently hosted by FORUM-ASIA at its Bangkok, Thailand office. The I4C-EA Hub’s mission is to provide virtual and real spaces for civil society to co-design and innovate ideas and projects, and to jointly offer services and activities towards improving the lives of citizens and communities, and strengthening citizens’ engagement and accountable governance, by defending, expanding, and creating civic space in East Asia.

For questions and clarifications, you may contact the project leads at: [email protected] & [email protected].