Call for Applications: Human Rights Defenders and Leaders of Marginalized Communities Affected by COVID-19

We are looking for six (6) human rights defenders/leaders of marginalized communities within East Asia and Southeast Asia to share their experiences of the pandemic and portray on-the-field situations of COVID-19 and their responses to the pandemic.

People from or working with the following groups are encouraged to apply: migrant workers, refugees, Indigenous Peoples, LGBTQ communities, ethnic/cultural minorities, the informal sector, urban poor, domestic workers, women/children experiencing domestic violence, and others. In order to include voices of those truly at the margins, persons without bank accounts are strongly encouraged to apply, whether their inability to have a bank account is due to their citizenship, financial or other status.

The stories can be told in oral, written, illustrated, or video format. All participants are expected to join three free workshops conducted by Innovation for Change – East Asia on written and oral storytelling, visual narrative tools, and campaigns & advocacy.

If you are interested to work with us on this project, please get in touch with our Programme Officer Chloe Jee Eun Jun via email ([email protected]). Deadline for application is on Sunday, 7 MARCH 2021.


Each storyteller will receive USD1,200 for services rendered – 50% initial payment upon signing of the Work Service Agreement and 50% final payment upon successful completion of all activities and submission of all project outputs by end of June 2021.