Story of Light and Darkness: A visual storyteller’s reflection about Civic Innovation Fair 2023

Innovation for Change – East Asia’s much-awaited Civic Innovation Fair 2023 (CIF 2023) took place in Bangkok, Thailand in April 2023. CIF 2023 was a celebration of three years of mostly online and some in-person work during the COVID-19 years of 2020-2022. Partners from CSOs and social movements, our collaborators, including I4C-EA’s leadership and hub team came together to celebrate our collaborations, to learn from and about each other’s work and campaigns in different countries in the East Asia region, and learned new tools and innovative methodologies. CIF2023 was alive with skill shares, rapid-fire Pecha Kucha presentations (20 slides x 20 secs), a digital rights panel, unconference sessions, regional mapping, introduction of most recent I4C-EA projects, and many hidden talents on display. 

CIF2023 Visual Storyteller Namsai Khaobor tells the story of this year’s Civic Innovation Fair through original artwork combining watercolors, ink, graphite, tracing paper, and poetry based on her reflection of the activity:

“Inspiring people from around the region! That we are in it together, fighting for similar causes. I will remember their personalities, their struggles, their stories. And meeting FRIENDS, old, new, and new new!”