Civic Space Reimagined Workshop 2: “What are we planting today?”

WE ARE LOOKING for activists and advocates in the region working on food production, food sustainability, security, deepening democracies, human rights, land rights, development, environment, Indigenous communities, labor, and economic recovery. We want to start a conversation with you and explore the possibilities of what we can do together.

The rights of food producers such as smallholder farmers, indigenous communities, migrant workers, and others in food production are often overlooked. When they do seek redress for the injustices they face, they are further attacked. As the pandemic disrupted supply chains, which disproportionately impacted smaller players, it threatened their continued participation in civic spaces to influence development, justice, and recovery that respects culture, environment, and indigenous knowledge.

“What are we planting today?”: Food Producers as Human Rights Defenders in the Post-COVID Future places them back within the ecosystem of civil society, alongside the unionists, environmentalists, eco feminists, community arts practitioners, food security advocates, and other activists who work with them to give them a voice in the shared struggle for democracy.

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Innovation for Change – East Asia‘s workshop series, Civic Space Reimagined, looks at how the pandemic revealed threats to our security and offers an attempt to rethink, reimagine, and rebuild our capacities and capabilities as we evolve into a more rights-respecting, rights-practicing, and rights-promoting civil society sector the post-COVID world requires and desperately needs. The series of three reimagining and co-creation workshops focuses on our ability to dream, the power of imagination, and the principles of co-sensing, co-creation, and co-design as we envision what’s next and build on what’s possible.

These workshops aim to gather people to dream together of the ways we might make a better ecosystem for us in which to advocate. Together, we ask ourselves: What is our vision for the future of civic space in the region? What needs to change? What do we need in order to make those changes?

Join us in this process, and together let’s reimagine inclusive, safe, sustainable, just, fair, and community-driven ways forward.

REGISTER TODAY and we hope to see you on Monday, 19 April 2021, 8:00am-1:00pm (GMT+7) with 1-hour intermission (lunch break):

Only 30 slots for Workshop 2 are open. We request that you signify your interest and availability to participate as soon as possible. The registration process includes a short survey form that we hope you accomplish. The information you provide will help the team select participants and will help our facilitators and resource persons prepare for the workshops.

KIND HEARTS and OPEN MINDS ready to dream big, dream bold, and do with purpose and passion REQUIRED.