COVID Conversations on Mental Health: Vizla Kumaresan Tells Us It’s Okay…


Whatever it is you’re feeling now, know that it is okay. Vizla Kumaresan, a clinical psychologist from Malaysia, could not have emphasized that enough as we respond in our own ways to this traumatic experience. At this present time of great uncertainty, when we’re dealing with too many things all at once, and we find ourselves in a situation we are totally unprepared for, it is very important to be reminded of that.

Innovation for Change – East Asia‘s Philip Kim said, “It is so great to hear someone say it is okay repeatedly. I have been hearing so many negative comments and complaints from people around me that it had a negative psychological and emotional impact on me.”

Watch I4C-East Asia’s #HopeInTheTimeOfCorona: #COVIDConversations 2 on Mental Health Strategies for Coping & Caring here: