Escape the Mist: Disinfo Walkthrough

There’s a lot to unpack about disinformation.

Doublethink Lab and Innovation for Change – East Asia have created a one-stop disinformation website, ‘Escape the Mist: Disinfo Walkthrough,’ compiling both in-house and significant global research and resources to educate the public about propaganda and conspiracy theories, and the tools and strategies individuals and organizations can adopt to analyze and counter them.

To equip the public with actual strategies to combat disinformation, the website contains the following exclusive practical tools:

  1. Checklist to identify conspiracy theories: We worked with Kent University Associate Lecturer Michael Biddlestone to develop a unique conspiracy theory checklist and quiz to allow users to assess if something they read online is likely to be a conspiracy theory. The checklist is developed by analyzing the key characteristics of conspiracies and the psychological motives as to why people are drawn to them. (

  2. Fact checking tutorial videos: Doublethink Lab also collaborated with First Draft to create a series of videos to share with users the background and techniques to fact checking. In order to conduct effective fact checking, it is necessary for individuals to understand the different types of mis- / dis- information, and to have knowledge of the tools and steps to do so. Fact checking is also a process of building trust, which these videos will illustrate. You can watch these videos at the Doublethink Lab YouTube account.

  1. Strategies to counter disinformation: We are providing on this website open-source research methodologies developed by Doublethink Lab to identify personality types more prone to believe in disinformation in their societies, and how individuals can develop effective persuasion strategies to counter disinformation. Users can download our templates on adapting user experience (UX) design and role-play practices to study disinformation in their societies.

Doublethink Lab’s Co-Founder and CEO, Ttcat, explained: “We believe that the launch of this website is timely given the rising concerns over disinformation and the social consequences it can have on our societies. To empower users, we have also focused on incorporating practical tools for users, and opening up our research methodologies to analyze the psychosocial impacts of disinformation, so that together with the public, we can jointly develop effective strategies to contain the spread of disinformation.”

The website also provides content curated for both individuals and organizations to tackle disinformation and also includes special feature articles and videos by our disinformation partners Chat for Taiwan, First Draft, Taiwan FactCheck Center, and other disinformation experts. You might also be interested in the original and innovative infographics, artworks, and music videos we worked on with local and regional partners in Indonesia, the Philippines, and East Timor.