Karen Rivers Watch Statement on Mega-Dams Along the Salween River

Today is the International Day of Action for Rivers and Against Dams.

“The members of Karen Rivers Watch, Karen civil society organizations, Indigenous Karen communities and displaced people from Ei Tu Hta are demanding the cancellation of large dams, both under construction and proposed, in Kawthoolei and along all rivers in Myanmar.

“It is clear from looking at dams in the Mekong region, and other large-scale dam projects across the world, that mega dams bring many challenges and damaging impacts to both humans and the natural environment. Some of the negative effects include exacerbation of climate change, destruction of carbon sinks in shallow water ecosystems, degradation of natural nutrients, destruction of wildlife habitats, and the displacement of millions of people.”

READ the full ENGLISH statement here: https://bit.ly/KarenRiversWatchStatementENG