Kawan+Gawa: Learn. Create. Share.

Kawan+Gawa IS COOKING something great for the I4C-East Asia community!

Kawan+Gawa and Tara Jemput are the two working groups that make up the StickyRiceKaravan, a collective of artists, educators, cultural workers, and activists based in Malaysia and the Philippines engaged in creating support systems for the regional artist-activist community.

This June, Kawan+Gawa is excited to offer three Spotlight Sessions on capacity building, performance-making, and dialogue that will hopefully inspire all of us to come together to LEARN, CREATE, and SHARE.

“Through Kawan+Gawa, we aim to shine a light on the individuals, companies, and collectives in the regional arts community whose work expands the possibilities of civic space by creating opportunities for freedom of expression, and offering alternative ways of living and working together🥰.”

DETAILS SOON… but for now, please get to know more about this ‘web of care’ by following the collective on Instagram (@stickyricekaravan).