‘Link. Learn. Grow.’ Living Library Launch

All over Asia, farmers are innovating and charting their own future: creating healthy and sustainable food systems. Rural people’s movements and IP communities in Asia have produced a vast wealth of knowledge in building a better future for the people and the planet: through community-led agroecology, indigenous agricultural knowledge, reclaiming land rights, and food sovereignty.

At Link, Learn, Grow, the aim is to strengthen connections among farmers and rural movements by learning from each other. We understand that it is only through solidarity and collaboration among rightsholders can grow a future with healthy and sustainable food systems.

Link Learn Grow is a community living library crafted to hold space for knowledge and resource sharing and become a launchpad for initiatives in agriculture and food sovereignty.

Co-created with People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty – Global , Farm Lab , and Partners for Indigenous Knowledge, supported by Innovation for Change – East Asia .