[NEWS] Equator Prize Winners Inspire Indigenous and Innovative Ways of Coexisting with Nature

Congratulations to the Boon Rueang Wetland Forest Conservation Group in Thailand for being one of the winners of the 11th Equator Prize, which recognized 10 local and indigenous communities showcasing innovative, nature-based solutions for tackling biodiversity loss and climate change.

“Indeed, as countries move to build back better after the COVID-19 pandemic, these innovative ways to protect ecosystems, biodiversity and tackle climate change are more important than ever — I expect that the incredible efforts of the Equator Prize winners will have a ripple effect across the world. At the same time, many of these communities are increasingly facing an erosion of their rights through land grabs, illegal mining or logging so recovery and resilience-building efforts must strive to bolster the rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities.”

In June 2019, Innovation for Change – East Asia gathered local community leaders from Malaysia, Thailand, and Myanmar/Burma for our Community Leaders’ Learning Exchange (CLLE) program to look into the adverse effects of infrastructure development on local communities, their livelihoods, overall ways of life, and the environment. The Boon Reung Village in Chiang Kong was one of the sites we visited.