[NEWS] Power Dynamics and Inclusion in Virtual Meetings

“Many of us are sheltering-in-place, practicing social solidarity by physically distancing, and shifting to majority online work and organizing in midst of the global coronavirus pandemic. For many folks that means adjusting to different work spaces and work-flows, ones where virtual meetings have become a regular and expected activity. On the one hand, being able to work from home or participate in virtual meetings represents a very clear form of privilege, in that you have work to do and don’t have to do it in higher-risk settings like caregiving and essential retail. But within our online meeting spaces, other forms of privilege and associated power dynamics play out in ways that undermine our work and marginalize important voices and perspectives.”

READ MORE about the dynamics of power and privilege in our online meeting spaces and about the ways we may be able to help hold or co-organize spaces that are more inclusive, empowering, and effective.