[NEWS] Surveillance Software Pushes China Tech Workers to the Limit

What happens when surveillance technology threatens employees’ security and fuels a warped sense of ‘productivity’ that in turn leads to burnout? Some businesses and offices turn to tech to raise efficiency, but at what cost?

In China’s tech industry, rapid technological development, paired with poor labor regulations, has created a potential for labor abuse. The big tech companies themselves, locked in cutthroat competition for new business opportunities, are pioneering these technologies and tools in their own operations. From hiring and goal-setting to appraisal and layoff, productivity-enhancing technologies look to quantify workers’ behavior by collecting and analyzing extensive amounts of personal data.

Some scholars warn that some practices can be unethical, invading employees’ privacy and burdening them with greater workload and mental stress. Others draw parallels to the fatigue faced by factory laborers during industrial revolutions, where workers chased the pace of machines.