[NEWS] When Calls to Free Pham Doan Trang Are Not Enough

From Trinh Huu Long’s previously published op-ed in the Luat Khoa Magazine on 10 October 2020: “Every time an activist is arrested, several campaigns for his or her release emerge in response to the government’s persecution of human rights. This method is the oldest, most common, and most familiar form the common citizenry uses to call for justice. Yet, despite everything, I constantly ask myself if these calls to action actually do any good? Pham Doan Trang, imprisoned activist, blogger, journalist, and co-founder of The Vietnamese and Luat Khoa online magazines has put some of my concerns to rest.”

“I do not need my own freedom; I need something much more significant than that: freedom and democracy for the whole of Vietnam.”

“…she understands that her freedom means nothing compared to the whole of Vietnam. Vietnam needs people to step up and work for the freedom of everyone. Such a concept is simple and easy to understand, yet making it a reality is challenging to attain.”