Pang Khee Teik on Art and Storytelling

“One of the issues in this region is the culture of fear. There’s a culture of fear that operates when people think about politics and activism… because we see people getting arrested for speaking up. We see people getting disappeared. We see people getting silenced, brutalized, and they teach us fear. This fear is institutionalized.”

Having these voices marginalized should not be the case according to Pang Khee Teik during the #ICSW2021 virtual discussion on positive narratives. He talked about I4C-East Asia’s #MothersOfDragons, which emphasized the importance of narratives to people power. He shared that the hub, through this project, wanted to create a space that allowed mothers, activists, rights defenders, and our community members to be human – a safe space where they could freely express both their vulnerabilities and strengths.

If you missed this forum led by the Innovation for Change network, you may still watch it through this CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation video: