[PETITION] Release Xiangzi and Chinese Labor Activists

Sharing Debbie Stothard’s petition to help release Xiangzi and Chinese labor activists…

“We are friends of Chen Weixiang, known to us as Xiangzi, a committed and tireless advocate for the rights of sanitation workers. He was taken into custody along with two associates from his home in Guangzhou on December 17. The news is deeply upsetting to us who have seen his devotion to workers’ rights, and worrying for the future of labor rights in China.”

“We don’t know where Xiangzi and others are, or how long they will be held. We have been given no reason for their arrest. We fear they will be tortured, detained for weeks and months, or even sentenced. We have such fear because they are merely the latest of more than 100 Chinese labor activists and workers have been arrested since late 2018 in waves of crackdown on labour activists. Many remain detained to this day with little access to families and lawyers.”