[RESOURCE] Reanimating Civil Society: A Lifeline Guide for Narrative Change

We are sharing this guide with our Innovation for Change – East Asia community as a resource that may further inform your work, campaigns, and strategies. The intention is to offer another framework or perspective in addressing challenges faced, but not to prescribe ways forward.
‘Reanimating Civil Society: A Lifeline Guide for Narrative Change’ is “meant to support activists, CSOs, and social movements who want to explore tactics and strategies to respond to smear campaigns or negative stereotypes by creating new, positive narratives to counter them. It provides a framework for thinking about narrative change, with examples and resources. Of course, each context and smear campaign against civil society is different, so the content below will need amending for each context. We encourage you to use this guide as a stepping stone for crafting your own campaign. We hope this guide fuels the ability to take control and tell the story you aim to share.”