[RESOURCE] Reclaiming Civic Space: Global Challenges, Local Responses

Sharing with the I4C-East Asia community something originally featured in the 26th edition of the ‘Sur Journal of Human Rights’ (December 2017), which remains as relevant today as it was critical back then.

One of three responses of civil society stakeholders in the efforts to reclaim civic space include going ‘beyond accounts-ability’…

“We thus need to move beyond just “accounts-ability” to enhanced transparency and dialogue with communities, not for the sake of checking a box but because they are key to making meaningful change. This shift could include things like people-centered decision-making, real-time adaptation to stakeholder needs, and nurturing the next generation of social change-makers. This form of accountability is not only about financial reporting and transparency to donors but about meaningful dialogue with affected communities and stakeholders, and keeping an eye on big picture outcomes to drive organizational decision-making process.”