Tara Jemput’s Open Mic Brave Space Session 1

Feel the need to just be, and breathe, and find a sense of calm that’s “easy like Sunday morning”? Spend some time with our community of artist-activists in the region looking at building a web of care for our mental wellbeing, support, and solidarity.

Tara Jemput is a collective composed of artist-activists, a theater educator, an emotional literacy teacher, and a theatermaker drawn together during Innovation for Change – East Asia‘s Reimagining the Post-COVID Future project. In the spirit of weaving a web of care among artist-activists across the Philippines and Malaysia, the collective aims to explore the narratives of care and its transformative capacity by facilitating a series of wellness activities and a psychological first-aid workshop-orientation.

Open Mic Brave Space: Session 1 is a versatile event where a mindful breathing space meets musical sing-a-long, meets morning coffee with dance buddies. Session 1 features semi-curated open mic artists from the Philippines and Malaysia: theatre educator Davidson Oliveros; emotional literacy teacher Azzad Mahdzir-Sariza; performance-maker Kirby Vicente, performer-movement artist Tess Pang; and singer-performer Leaism.

TARA JEMPUT! See you on Sunday, 23 May 2021, from 10:00am to 12:00nn MNL/KL via Zoom in this semi-curated open mic event initiated by and for the artist-activists’ community. Register at bit.ly/bravespace1. Registration ends on 21 May 2021!