Thank you to Leni, Hanung, Ying Hooi, and Candy!

​​Outgoing Innovation for Change East Asia Governance Circle (EAGC) Members:

“I4C ADDRESSES THE THREATS of shrinking civic spaces in the global south by challenging civil society itself to innovate and transform to be more responsive and relevant in these fast-changing times. While its birth and growth is painstaking, it ushers new ways to encourage civic participation and create new participatory structures as it pursues to do better activism.”
—  LENI VELASCO, Philippines
EAGC Member, January 2021-June 2023
EA Steward to the I4C Global Governance Circle, Nov 2022-Dec 2023

“I WAS PRIVILEGED to be part of the EAGC, representing I4C in various fora, and bringing together and facilitating activists across East and Southeast Asia towards build our collective resilience through the Civic Innovation Fair and other initiatives. I have learned the importance of being connected, of strengthening other rights defenders through our collective care, and of reminding each other to hold up the brave spaces for everyone in the movement.”

EAGC Member, January 2022-March 2023

“It has been an immense privilege and honour to serve alongside such a dedicated team with the I4C, who tirelessly strive to uphold the values of justice, equality, and freedom. Throughout my time on the board, I have had the opportunity to witness first-hand the power of collective action on various occasions. I4C’s dedication to the cause has been a constant source of inspiration. Thank you once again for the trust you placed in me and for allowing me to be a part of this extraordinary network.”

EAGC Member, Jan 2021-June 2023
CANDY YUN, South Korea

EAGC Member, Jan 2021-June 2023