WATCH Hope in the Time of Corona: COVID Conversations on Mental Health Strategies for Coping & Caring

In locating the needs borne by the pandemic, we present Hope in the Time of Corona: COVID Conversations hosted by Innovation For Change – East Asia.​

This series brings together individuals, civil society organizations and human rights defenders across East Asia and beyond to talk about the far-reaching challenges and opportunities borne by the pandemic, and to reimagine a new post-COVID-19 world. On 27 April 2020, we hosted the second part of our series #COVIDConversations, which focuses on mental health strategies for coping and caring.​

Many of us are presently experiencing heightened mental health issues including anxiety, depression, loss of sleep, brought on not only by the fear of infection by the new coronavirus, but profound worries about the collapsing economy, authoritarian governments, and an uncertain future. Witnessing the need to reflect on what we are going through, particularly within the community of human rights defenders and civil society in East Asia, we want to create a safe place for us to talk about our experiences and share with each other the ways we may cope and care together.​

Leow Yangfa, Oogachaga, registered social worker in Singapore supporting LGBTQ+ communities on issues including mental health & sexual health, relationships, and sexuality & identity. ​
Vizla Kumaresan, clinical psychologist active with LGBTQ+ communities and women’s group in Malaysian.​
Dr. June Pagaduan Lopez, professor of Psychiatry, University of the Phillippines-Manila, notable for her experience with political prisoners and torture victims.​
The conversation was moderated by Pang Khee Teik, Programme Manager at Innovation for Change – East Asia.​

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