WATCH Malaysia’s Mothers of Dragons: “We can’t keep quiet anymore”

“We can’t keep quiet anymore.”

Four Malaysian moms share about the struggles they have to overcome to be the fierce human rights defenders they are today.

Featuring Asiah Abd Jalil, Bernice Chauly, Mahi Ramakrishnan, and Ezra Gideon.
Interviewer: Angela Kuga Thas.
Presented by Innovation For Change – East Asia, in partnership with PLUHO – People Like Us, Hang Out!

We will be posting Korea’s Mothers of Dragons and Taiwan’s Mothers of Dragons in the following months.

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UPDATE: Please note that since the release of this video, Nadia Gideon has transitioned and now wishes to be known as Ezra Gideon. His pronouns are his/him henceforth. We are unable to change the video at this moment, but Ezra said he is happy to still be associated with the Mothers of Dragons project and simply requested that we put this note in the caption. From all of us at Innovation for Change – East Asia, all the best on your journey, Ezra!